Cloud Solutions for Contact Centers

Predictive dialer software can continuously improve your communication strategies. PIMSWARE has been developing custom software solutions since 2005 and our enterprise class predictive dialer system is available as a standard software as a service (SaaS). The cloud-based dialer system eliminates the need to dial numbers manually; answering machines, disconnected numbers and operator intercepts are handled by the dialer, which improves an agent’s productivity. Create more conversations for your agents using PIMS’s adaptive algorithm designed to only deliver live calls to your team.

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Flexible. Scalable. No minimum users required.

Operate with Efficiency

Access the dialer through an easy-to-use web interface. Multiple carrier SIP trunks with plenty of outbound channels to scale up and down as needed. The dialer system can support remote agents that need to use a cell phone to place calls. You can extended the use of the dialer to include inbound and blended calls.

Real-time display campaign screens

Real-time and summary reports + Data Exports

Campaign and list management

System wide do not call lists or do not call lists per campaign

Workforce Management

Dial up to 4 calls per line (4:1 dialing ratio). All calls, statuses and agent time breakdowns are logged for record keeping and compliance. Multiple call recording settings for flexible management.

*NEW* Secure Capture allows credit cards to be entered by the consumer via the dial pad on their phone.

Quality Assurance

Variable drop call % for FTC Compliance

Agent scripting

CRM Integrations

Integrate with web-based CRMs and have a customer screen pop-up when a call is answered. Your agent will have relative account information to immediately assist that customer.

Caller identification

Speech enabled IVR

Role-based user permissions

Integrate seamlessley with the PIMS Debt Collection Software and CRM

Easy Customizations

Get the most out of the system by making adjustments as your business needs change. Adjust next agent call settings to find the optmial productivity for your firm.

Toll-free and local number options

Post-Call Surveys

Time-zone restricted dialing

Unlimited Call Lists

Unlimited outbound minutes

Our flat rate pricing is all inclusive and we don’t require minimum users or a long-term contract. We designed this predictive dialer software to work as a stand-alone dialer or seamlessly with our debt collection products and CRM system.

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Monthly Package


/ user / month

Unlimited outbound minutes to US & Canada
4:1 Dial Ratio
Training & Technical Support

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Below are a few screens of the the web-based userinterface. Our dialer software seamlessely integrates with our web-based CRM and debt collection system offering a turn-key solution for accounts receivables management.


Additional Features

Empower your agents with the tools to deliver a better customer experience.

Add an inbound line

Extend the use of the dialer to include inbound and blended calls. Streamline contact center operations and start providing exceptional customer service.

Unattended Agent

Broadcast dial a pre-recorded message. This is extremely functional for getting messages out to a massive group of people or targeted messages for your customer segments. The dialer leaves the message as a voicemail.

1-800 Number

Use a 1-800# to allow multiple inbound calls.This can be a very useful addition to your system if you have a larger inbound call volume.

Local Prescence

Purchase numbers for a local area code to where you are calling so you can change the caller id number displayed. The dialer can automatically detect the area code being dialed and change the caller id to match.

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